Launch Day

I’ve dreamt a lot about this day. Hoped for it. Prayed for it. Wondered what it would be like. But I really didn’t know what today would bring.

Today my very first novel, Love on Pointe, made its debut. That’s a big thing in the writing world–a really big thing–a thing I’ve worked a long time to achieve it. But it’s funny. Even though today was/is a big day, it was also a totally normal day because we had play dates and piano lessons and a going away party and a birthday party and on top of all that it was the last day of school (a minimum day), which meant celebratory ice cream and the baby didn’t want to nap because why would he be tired after not sleeping much last night? and everything overlapped by fifteen minutes, so that meant A LOT OF DRIVING back and forth for me so everyone could get to all the places. (Tell me you’re not tired even just reading that! lol). But the thing is IT WAS JUST SO PERFECT. It really, really was. Never in all my dreams┬ádid I think I’d get to share my words with an audience. So thank you! Thank you for liking, sharing, buying, blogging, texting, calling, and most of all thank you for your support. It’s made this day incredible for me. More than I ever could have wished for!

<3 T


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